Career Opportunities

     Huizhou Sevenus Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. was established in August 2008. The company is a high-tech enterprise integrating production and sales of mobile phones, new electronic components, communication equipment components, key automotive parts, LCD display and new electronic products. Our equipment is advanced, the environment is excellent (station central air-conditioning), the production line has a high degree of automation, and is in a leading position in the same industry, producing mobile phone products, which can be used for patching, testing and assembly of various electronic product circuit boards. With the tenet of "Quality First, Customer First", we are dedicated to providing the best service for electronic products in all sectors of society. Also invite people of insight to join the company!

Salary and Benefits:

Monthly salary of 3000-3600 yuan
Salary composition: basic salary 1350 yuan + overtime pay (pay for overtime according to labor law) + monthly work award (50 yuan) + food allowance (260 yuan) + year limit subsidy (50-300 yuan) (full subsidy for three months) ) + night shift subsidy + performance gold (0-300 yuan) / super production reward (no upper limit)
operating hours
5 days and 8 hours working system, overtime pay is paid according to labor regulations, usually work overtime: 11.6 yuan / hour, overtime on Saturday and Sunday: 15.5 yuan / hour, statutory holiday overtime: 23.2 yuan / hour
Eating place
The company provides employees with safe and comfortable accommodation, 4-6 people / room. There are separate bathrooms, balconies, desks, fans, water heaters, cable TV, DVDs, etc. in public entertainment rooms.
There is a dining hall in the company, breakfast is 1 yuan, medium and dinner is 3.8 yuan, and the night shift company provides milk, fruit, drinks, bread, etc. free of charge, and additional food on holidays.
Employees are entitled to 11 days of statutory leave and paid holidays such as paid annual leave (five days of paid annual leave after one year of work).
1. The company regularly holds employee birthday meetings every month and distributes exquisite gifts;
2. The company issues holiday gifts or festivals on Women's Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival;
3. The company holds the Spring Festival Gala and the lucky draw;
4. Regularly hold various entertainment activities such as basketball games and badminton matches;

Application Notes:

Application time: Monday to Saturday (8:30--11:40 am 13:30--17:30)
Place of application: No. 32 residential area of Zhongkai High-tech Development Zone (Bus 322 bus at Xinshou Road intersection and get off at Ke Rui Company and walk left at the 300-meter intersection and turn left opposite Yuetaixin).
Tel: 0752--2610102 Miss Yan
Carrying information: the second generation of valid ID cards, three one-inch color photos (no restrictions on the red bottom), graduation certificate, pen.